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Last data update on 07/12/2018

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We would like to thank each of you for your continued custom & loyalty to ADU Software and of course our editors for the work and efforts they put in.






*** New Seminar Event***

For 2019



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Not satisfied with your existing Aviation Database? Why not make the switch to ADU Software Database program and ADU Mobile App. See products page.

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About Us

ADU Software, business registered in Nov 2002, is owned and managed by a dedicated team of Aviation enthusiasts.

In order to ensure that potential customers have a full understanding of what the ADU software product has to offer, numerous seminars are held throughout the country,  throughout the year.

The ADU technical support line is open 7 days a week to answer all questions or enquiries as well as assist with any technical support matters our users may have. We do not expect you to just rely on email support, we are available by telephone, email, live chat & social media. We strive to provide individualised customer service for each of our customers, regardless of how many customers we have.

Private demonstrations at the ADU Headquarters based in Sale, Manchester, England, may be arranged on  request.


ADU Software operates under the policy where the data belongs to each individual user with no encryptions or lock out.

The database will remain fully functional regardless of whether a subscription to updates is chosen. ADU Software offers  free unlimited technical support via email to all registered users. Remote Access Resolution is also available – prices start from £20.00 .

Technical Support is not governed to advice relating to ADU Software Products but to any computer related enquiry. We will endeavor to assist with any technical support needed concerning your own PC. We have over 20 years of IT Technical Support so can help with many pc related problems. One of the reasons for our success is because we listen to you and value your ideas and contributions in order to provide a first class aviation software package beneficial to all users.



Products And Update subscription

Just got the ADU program and mobile App. It simply the best on the market and yes I used them all from free to pay. Great product. Yes you can see that the money is invested back in to the products.


ADU V.15.A Database Elite

ADU V.15.A Database Bronze

Complete ADU Ver15.A Database Elite Package Deal 1

ADU Ver15.A Database Elite and SBS Utility package Deal 3

ADU Ver15.A Database Elite and Mobile App package package Deal 5

ADU Ver15.A Database Bronze and Mobile App package package Deal 6

ADU Software Update Renewal

Lapsed Update Renewal Subscription

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Download the program, once your purchase has been confirmed and full payment made, please email requesting download instructions. ADU Software will then send full download instructions via email within 24 hours, containing your unique user id, password and installation instructions.

Feedback Form

Program Download – Buy today, download today – No sponsorship Required!

New Software Release ADU Software Ver 15.A

Payment may be made by credit / debit card via our on line store or by telephone on 0161 718 5439.

ADU15.A Screen Shots / Info

*Save £10.00 off your annual update renewal*

As an existing customer, you can save £10 off your annual update subscription if you introduce a friend or family member to ADU Software.  

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ADU Mobile app

ADU Mobile app

 ADU Mobile app.

Fastest Growing Aviation Datebase Software Mobile App for Android & Apple Devices

Available Now on Android Play Store.

Available Now on apple itunes store and app store.

Search for ADU, ADU Mobile, ADU Software

The Mobile App is for use on Android mobile phones & tablets as well as Iphones & Ipads.

You can search for aircraft whilst out and about to reveal the details and to find out if you need an aircraft or not.
You can log your aircraft whilst at an airport in the same way you would log your aircraft in your logbook.
You can use the online search facility as a reference tool to find out information on an aircraft.

You can then sync all the aircraft logged on your mobile device straight back into your main ADU database that is on your laptop or pc.

A comment from one of our existing users of the App states ‘It is like having a CAM (Civil Aircraft Markings Book) on your phone in your back pocket)

Look at the screenshots and watch the videos.

ADU Software Technologies UK & ADU Software Technologies India in strategic partnership have developed an iconic application that will allow users of our ADU Software database program to check their own personal sightings and log aircraft seen using the ADU Mobile App. This ground breaking application, suitable for use with Android and IPhone mobile phones and tablets and for use in Internet Cafe’s is user friendly and will transform the way our customers record their personal sightings giving them empowerment to use ADU Software in the comfort of their own home or out and about.



Each current user will be allocated their own personal container on the ADU Software server. This container will house your own personal aircraft sightings which will automatically syncronise between your ADU Software database application and your mobile application.


ADUApp1 (2)

The overall objectives of the ADU Mobile App is to record the sightings you wish to log into your ADU Software database via your mobile phone or tablet so that it automatically syncronises with your ADU Software database program to display your logged sightings, still giving you overall control to remove mistakes, amend or add before processing your log to reveal the same results that are currently on your database of what aircraft you needed for that trip. Mistakes made during the logging on your Mobile App can be amended or removed.


ADUApp1 (1)The mobile App will contain an online search where you can search on 2 criteria, full Registration/Code or part Registration/Code. Search by Construction Number, Line Number, Airline/Operator, Mode S Hex Code. The results will then be displayed with the additional feature of advising if the aircraft is required or not required. If the aircraft is required you can then automatically log it.



The ADU Mobile App does not need to be connected to any data wireless connection when compiling a log. Online search facilities must have wireless or data roaming. Syncronisation between your mobile application and your ADU Software database must have wireless or data connection. Once syncronised and the log is contained within your ADU Software database then the log will be automatically removed from your mobile device.



 ADU Mobile App Video

ADU SyncUtility Download


Contact form

Existing Customer Comment

I jumped ship 14 Months ago (To the free one) now having seen ADU Mobile App and ADU360E Aircraft Database Software this is truly Next Generation. Well done to all involved.


Three and a half years ago I made this post and now my wish has been granted.

There are quite a few options in the aviation database market these days, and I have used most. I will always stick with those who exhibit innovation and progress.

I will be staying with ADU.

Mark Lindley

Bought it on Saturday (11/07/2015) from Manchester Airport Aviation and Transport Festival. A good presentation of the database and the mobile app, looking forward to using the ADU Software.
Alex North

If you’re planning to use a aircraft database, you should seriously consider using ADU in fact, the ADU Mobile App and ADU360E are awesome.
Nick Frost

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by William on ADU Software
Aviation Database Software

The best aviation database software on the market. The best SBS link program that I have used. The best aviation app for searching and logging and displaying what I have seen as well.The best support and editors that are keen to help. I tried the rest as well

by Craig Ormskirk on ADU Software
Mobile App

Great piece of technology, love it whilst out and about, so fast now, used it all the time in Zurich during WEF 2017. Superb!

by Stewart on ADU Software
ADU Moble App

Brilliant App. Easy to use. at a superb price.

Existing Customer Comments.

  • Well, what can I say,  I am very impressed with this version, IT IS ALL THAT I WOULD WANT FROM A DATABASE. Versatility is the main advantage.

  • Just got the ADU program and mobile App. It simply the best on the market and yes I used them all from free to pay. Great product. Yes you can see that the money is invested back in to the products.

  • Well done to you and all involved, I hope that it is a big success for you.

View More Comments.

We take our customer care very seriously. While our aim is to make our programs and website easy to understand, and navigate we know there are times when you may need a bit of assistance.

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0044 161 718 5439 or 0845 165 1522

ADU SOFTWARE 46 Roebuck Lane Sale Cheshire M33 7SH England


Don’t just take our word for it, read the comments of some existing customers.

ADU Software Program
Thanks again for installing the SBS utility been to Runway Visitor Park today (18/10/2018) set every thing up and what a difference to my Kinetic SBS file.
Would recommend ADU Program and SBS Utility to anyone.
Regards Les Dutton 18/10/2018
30/08/2018 by G Moyes on ADU Software
After 14 years with a competitor I decided to join ADU due to the excellent reviews regarding the app feature sbslink and database. I purchased all three and all I can say its definetly 5 stars. Very fast and easy to use for searching and logging.
The app is first class and allows the user to add personal notes against each registration which is then synced and displayed against it for future reference, Also having access via the app to a main database for checking and loggng while on the go is excellent.
I would also like to commend Steve & Sue for their exceptional support and first class customer service. I initially had computer issues due to out of date software which was resolved by Steve who dedicated a lot of his spare time to assist me in getting my computer up and running.
i’m delighted I took the plunge and joined ADU. Keep up the hard work. Truly 5 stars.

The best aviation database software on the market.
The best SBS link program that I have used.
The best aviation app for searching and logging and displaying what I have seen as well.
The best support and editors that are keen to help.
I tried the rest as well

I have used ADU and the SBS facility for several years and have always been very pleased with them. There have been times when I’ve not been able to download program updates for one reason or another and Steve & Sue are available via the web and with the help of TeamViewer any problems have always been sorted.
They make it look so easy which is one of the reasons I would recommend ADU to anyone because of the one to one service you receive.
Many thanks and keep up the great work.

Eric Cole

Thanks for such wonderful service it’s been a long time since i have received such excellent help.
Worth every penny

Les Turner

I would just like to thank yourself and sue for all the continued hard work and commitment you show to the product and all your customers.
I would never think of changing from ADU ever, where else could you get tech support at 23:48 on a weekday.
I have the upmost respect for you Sir!

Kind regards
Jason Ampleford

Just wanted to say thank you for yet another excellent seminar at the Hilton Garden Inn on 22/10/2017.
Once again you have set the bar high and I’m looking forward to the release of the new program.
Gary Dean

Very many thanks for the excellent seminar on 22/10/2017, I learned more than I have over the past two or three years with the brilliant ADU Product.
It was really wonderful to finally put faces to names in both your cases and also Kevin and Mark two of the editors that I seem to send info to most.
I look forward to the new version of ADU in due course. Without a doubt, it is the best database that I have used and I really mean that, no bull.
I am very happy to promote the excellent product and the equally excellent support
Brian Fearneyhough

I just wanted to say how much i am enjoying using my new logging app, up to now i had been using it to check what i needed but i can’t believe how user friendly it is. I will always keep a written log book of required seen for a day out but back breaking underlining days could be up for me!

Daniel Glover

Hi thanks very much again.
Truly is tremendous service the amount of your own time you give up is unbelievable.

Thanks Mike Fletcher

I would like to congratulate you all for the excellent database. I used to use another logging program, I wont say witch one. However the mobile app and ADU PC Software knocks spots off it.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your time to get me up and running yesterday (05/01/2017) all going well and 1 year all logged in now I have got used to it and all looks very good. The only detail of the conversation I forgot was the software you said about to resize my pictures. ( It was Photo Resizer)

Again the best service and support I have found from a database company so well done.

Grahame Page

SBS utility

Hello Steve

I have been using the utility for a while now and I have come to a conclusion that this is the best program for populating my SBS thank you for all your good work.

May I wish you and everybody involved in the utility program a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Andrew Wignell

Mobile app and Database

I purchased the mobile app from the play store about 1 and a half years ago. I didn’t have the database at the time and purely used it as a reference tool. After 2 months of use I decided to purchase he ADU Database in order to get the full benefits of the database and the app. When I purchased the ADU database doing my current stuff and then concentrated on putting my old sightings in. Over a period of time every week I uploaded my sightings to the cloud so that they would display on my mobile app.
Taking the ADU mobile app on the road, when searching for information it used to take about 25-30 seconds to find the information whether the aircraft was required or not required but I have recently been on a big trip and using the mobile app after the latest upgrade to the server, the results are displayed almost instantly. I just want to say a big thank you to all involved in designing this application. This piece of software is a truly leading innovation! For people who read these comments I certainly recommend this piece of kit. It is awesome!


Support Services

Thanks for your help with the new PC the service is beyond words. I am a user for life…

Neil Humphreys (USA)


Mobile app and Database


I can confirm it’s working faster Just synchronised 83 logs in about 5 seconds!! Much improved

Yes, I noticed a vast improvement in speed of checking if a ‘log’ is required, now takes less than 2 seconds as before it normally took 20-40 seconds, Excellent & keep up the good work

A great upgrade to the ADU App, the speed of the search is fantastic!

Great improvement by the back room boys!

Wow, that is so much faster. Just tried a couple of reg’s and could not believe how quick it is now compared to previous days. Congratulations to all involved in this.

Hi All,

Just a brief message to let you know that the mobile app was the best purchase i have made in a long time. I use the on line search facility constantly to check the status of aircraft when i am out and about.

On a recent trip to Luton i was able to determine which aircraft i required especially the corporate jets which are forever changing their registrations. I am a frame spotter so this is particularly useful.

The friend i was with showed a lot of interest in the app and after talking to him today you may well be hearing from him.

I am spreading the word because as i commented earlier it is in my opinion brilliant.

Best Regards

Barry Whitley


Thank you ADU for designing the ADU Mobile APP. Well done to all involved.

Steve Langwith (04/09/2016)

Are you still sit on the fence about the ADU Mobile APP.

Just a few words

Tremendous tool for logging and sync back in to the ADU database program.

It might not be free, as Stuart’s comments says but you can see that the money is invested back in to the products.

It just keeps getting better and better – one very happy customer.

Martin Archer (15/08/2016.)

Many thanks as always for your speedy response and the quality of your programs too, they are fantastic out “In the field” now.


Great app- makes the logging better and fantastic to be able to check database while on the move. Many thanks for improving our spotting life. 


A BIG THANK YOU to you both for a most brill service, which i believe is second to none.


Tried the App without being an ADU subscriber, so impressed I just had to then purchase the Elite version so that I can get full functionality of the App and include my seen details.


Steve, Sue I must say a year on and this ADU app is still one of my …best friends, I can sit here in a bar Palma Can Pastilla spotting aircraft and using the app to do my log and see if I need!! Amazing and I can log it to my main data base without having to do it when I get back to my PC / or Home. Thank you for this innovation we can enjoy the hobby in real time better and no time consuming inputting again. Wow

Martin Bradshaw

Mobile app

I just wanted to say what a great tool the mobile app is. I used it for the first time yesterday at Luton and Heathrow. It’s easy to use, even correcting mistakes is easy as well. Synchronising everything via the utility took a little longer than expected, but that could be because it was first time of use.

Online search facility is a great tool, enabling me to check any possible required.

Remind me near the end of my month’s free trial and I will sign up for a yearly subscription I put the word out to a few friends yesterday and hopefully you may get a few enquiries.

Kind Regards

Andrew Stewart


Mobile app

Hello Sue

Very impressed Forget  the 1 month free trial I would like to pay the annual subscription from today

if that OK with you. A lot of hard work has gone into this my congratulations to all involved with this program

Will come in very handy over the next two months on my overseas travel.

 Kind Regards




Mobile app

Just thought I would say a few words after your help last Saturday regarding installing the mobile app on my iPhone 6.
I was as LGW early Sunday morning in the clear sunny skies but chilly morning and used the app for the first time. Was a bit dubious as technology and me are not words usually used in the same sentence!!!. I was taking photos of arrivals and using the app for the take offs. When I got home I was able to upload the info and then use the sync utility.
I having nothing but praise for you, it is an absolute amazing piece of technology and so easy to use. Goodbye paper note books. So pleased I have stayed with you over all these years. Your dedication to your products and helpfulness is outstanding.
Have s safe trip down and looking forward to seeing you both for the seminar on Sunday 13th March 2016 LHR Seminar

Gary Dean
Sent from my iPhone

Mobile app

Many thanks for all your help with mobile app, great videos just uploaded first log by phone, pen and paper now unemployed. Super product very happy.

Cheers Dave Roberts


ADU 360E

I was convined by an EX ADU Editor a few years ago to move over to Planebase as it was free i tried it for a couple of months but soon moved back to ADU you get what you pay for and you can certainly tell the difference, thank goodness i had not let my ADU Subscription lapse. Thanks for one of the best databases on the market.

Stuart Wardman


Hi All at ADU,

Thought you may be interested. I’m in Tokyo for a week, spotting Haneda and Narita. I have used the app exclusively  during the time I have been here and it has worked marvellously. I have not used pen and paper once and I have been logging hundreds daily. I sync at night and the great thing is, it tells me my mistakes and gives me the opportunity to correct them prior to another days spotting and it is all logged for reference.

Bloody marvellous. Just thought it would interest you to know how well the app works under pressure.




I jumped ship 14 Months ago (To the free one) now having seen ADU Mobile App and ADU360E Aircraft Database Software this is truly Next Generation. Well done to all involved.



Bought it on Saturday (11/07/2015) from Manchester Airport Aviation and Transport Festival. A good presentation of the database and the mobile app, looking forward to using the ADU Software.
Alex North

If you’re planning to use a aircraft database, you should seriously consider using ADU in fact, the ADU Mobile App and ADU360E are awesome.
Nick Frost

Just got the ADU program and mobile App. It simply the best on the market and yes I used them all from free to pay. Great product. Yes you can see that the money is invested back in to the products.



I would like to thank all ADU

Keep up the great work. Lucy and Michael


I would like to thank all at Aduworld for the hard work they must put in over the years and cannot praise the customer care highly enough nothing is too much trouble, as I have learn ’t a time or two. Thanks again.
Geoff Cooper (20/05/2015)

Hi Steven and Sue and the team Just a quick e-mail too say how much I enjoy using your product.
As you know I was with one of your competitors for a considerable time but how happy I am with your product, I must admit it is another learning curve but enjoying the experience greatly, what a product.
Thank you look forward to all the new things to come, glad I changed.
Kind Regards, John Bryant. (18/05/2015)

Thank you again, All, the work you and Sue and the team do is really appreciated. The customer service is first class. I can’t imagine anywhere else where there would be so much system help available and I.T resolutions found. Keep up the great work.
Thanks Kevin (18/05/2015)

Just a short note to thank you for sorting out the install on my new computer. It is at times like this when the service received was second to none. A loyal ADU user.
Bob Darbyshire (12/05/2015)

That’s great, thank you very much for your time and help. I really appreciate it.
Your excellent customer service will keep me an ADU customer for many years to come.
I look forward to hearing more news on the ADU App.
You have even tweaked my SBS display, it looks great.
Thank you again

Wonderful, thanks a million Steve, Great customer service as usual.


Many Thanks for yet another piece of excellent service.

ADU is really a personal service, have a great year mate.


You’re are a star. The service you provide is second to none. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for all the tremendous hard work in making ADU the leading product on the market today, thank you.


Three and a half years ago I made this post and now my wish has been granted.There are quite a few options in the aviation database market these days, and I have used most. I will always stick with those who exhibit innovation and progress.

I will be staying with ADU.


Tried Them ALL Pay and free, so pleased we all got ADU. Great Software to use.

Bought all at same time.

Philip, Scott and Tony (09/07/2014.)

I’d just like to put on record my sincere thanks for all the work you did last night installing all my ADU software. The time and effort you go through is outstanding. It’s surprising how you take things for granted, apart from a couple of  minor glitches I’ve had in the last few years, you just click the icon and it fires up every time. When something goes wrong, you just offer your help and fix it, as simple as that, it’s a shame more companies couldn’t take a leaf out of your book and offer the same kind of excellent service. You will have my custom and support for as long as you continue to produce the superb software that you do.


Just downloaded the latest 360E programme excellent your product just gets better and better


I’d like to say that the SBS utility is simply brilliant. Because of this I’ve had it on every night this week and it’s a great utility to use with ADU and Basestation.


Really like the new website – nice one! .Best wishes and thanks for a superb service.


The new website looks really good. All the best and keep up the good work.


The new website looks great. Once again you both have come up with the goods. Thank you very much.

Thanks very much for your help, all working fine now. You give fantastic support!


The upgrade is another fine compliment to an already good product


I am writing to inform you that I am extremely impressed with the direction in which ADU is heading.  Installation, as usual, was faultless and although I haven’t used it yet (batch load for logging) I am so far, delighted with the new Print Quick Reference utility. Once again, Well done to you and your team!


Just downloaded the latest 360D programme excellent your product just gets better and better


I wanted to say how impressed I am with the latest version – works a lot quicker on my laptop and the new options are very useful. Looking forward to the mobile version.


Just to let you know I have installed the new version onto my new PC and everything has gone without a problem. All my seen details/photos installed perfectly too. New version looks very nice and I look forward to exploring all the new features. Many thanks for your quick response’s and also for the detailed installation instructions. .A very happy customer am I.


I upgraded last night to Version E and would just like to say, easy to upgrade and the batch logging is just awesome! I used it to log over 300 aircraft in a matter of minutes. Great improvements over Version D and long may the updates and enhancements continue.


Thank you for all the hard work you have done on developing this great product and a message of thanks to all up-daters.


It just keeps getting better and better


I know its been a while since I started using the database (version 2) but the improvements/evolution has been fantastic and I am looking forward to any of your future updates. Please keep up the good work.


I would like to thank you for your outstanding effort and to repeat that the customer service you offer us is FIVE STAR. There was a problem, but like a good professional, you cracked it.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved such an excellent product I have just finished entering over 20 years of logging totaling 11,000 registrations on the Bronze version database.

This has taken me 5 months to complete. It was so easy to understand and work the database and was a joy to see all the registrations gradually being accumulated knowing that once they been entered they are going to stay there and not get lost as with updating books every year.

I have now recommended your product to my aviation friends who are very interested and will no doubt join us in changing to this wonderful and exciting way of logging registrations. Thanks once again.

I am now up to date with my logging, I finished my last log last night. May I say that I am absolutely delighted with the database , I may have suffered problems due to me not reading the manual carefully enough but with your help I got there in the end.

I would recommend ADU software to anyone interested in logging there sightings & pictures, it is a breeze to use and the interface has a professional look to it {although, of course it is  professional}.

I would let you know how I am getting on with entering my images into ADU Elite Advanced program . I can say that I am very impressed with this side of the database, as I am predominantly a collector of photo’s {although I do log everything that I see} it is making my life very much easier to see just what I do have.

It’s appeal to me lies in the multi photo capability, which is a god send as I have examples of the same frame with either differing operators or registrations, something that other databases cannot achieve.

Although I have in excess of 10,000 images to enter that could take months of inputting at the end of the day my entire catalogue of 20 years of photographing & collecting photo’s can be viewed by the click of a button. Brilliant, my only concern will be that I may need to invest in a larger capacity hard-drive, well, at least my 40 gig will do for now.

Once again, a great program I am finding it a joy to use, it is open every day.

Well, what can I say,  I am very impressed with this version, IT IS ALL THAT I WOULD WANT FROM A DATABASE. Versatility is the main advantage. I have not started on inserting photo’s yet {I will report back to you on that side of things}.

After installation I was confronted with a great user interface, I could go on but just to let you know that, I for one am very happy with the changes that you have made. ‘Congratulations, I have just been reading through the notes on your web site & looking through the screen shots & I am very impressed.

The current version that I am using is exceptionally good & what have you done, only made it even better again with the various new facilities. I for one can’t wait to have it running on my system, especially the photo section, being able to assign more than one photo to a registration/construction number is just the sort of thing that I need, not to mention the other things you have incorporated. Just brilliant!!’

‘Well done to you and all involved, I hope that it is a big success for you.

I have just been looking at the new advanced program panels, and from what I can see, you’ve played an absolute blinder !!!! I cant wait to receive my update !!!!

I am also glad to see that you’ve had a good summer with new customers coming at a steady rate, keep it up, you deserve the praise as far as I’m concerned, its a great product and I (and I’m sure all the other users) can tell that you have worked hard at it’.

‘I am very impressed with the software & after putting it through its paces, I am very satisfied that it will meet my everyday needs both now, in entering my past seen frames but also in the future. An altogether very well designed database’.

‘Your databases are so up to date, and your responsiveness to customer input so outstanding’.

‘Very pleased with my first year and I am looking forward to receiving the next release of ADU Software’.

‘Keep up the good work’

‘Great Software!’ ‘Awesome’

‘Brilliant system – Well worth every penny’

‘The most versatile program I have ever used’

‘The logging program is streets ahead. Using Copy and paste, plus Batch load.

‘These are just some of my own thoughts of a superb product. I believe ADU Software is a must have companion for spotting today. It’s fast, reliable, up to date, very user friendly and the Elite version at £130.00 including 12 monthly updates can’t be beaten where price is concerned.’

ADU Software Product Range

Buy ADU Software database software & reep the benefits of our additional mobile app for use on Android & Apple devices.

We strive to provide individualised customer service for each of our customers, regardless of how many users we have and invest heavily in our servers & domains in order that the number of users are not restricted and quality is not compromised. Many of our new customers come from personal recommendations & word of mouth from our existing customers which gives us the best marketing tool as we believe there is no marketing anywhere nearly as powerful as a satisfied customer! It is very important to our company that we develop a trustful relationship with each and every one of our customers by being transparrent and offering a reliable and friendly service at a fair price.

ADU Software products cannot be beaten on price when it comes to value, quality and more importantly aftersales care & support. Whilst we are fully aware that there are other databases on the market that advertise themselves as being free (some of which then subsequently ask for donations!), we make no apologies for charging for our products and data subscriptions as we believe that offering a free product is unsustainable as any product needs financial investment in order to make the software and any additions or enhancements better for all users. Our most recent investments include the ADU Mobile App and the new ‘live chat’ feature on our website meaning that our customers are able to access real time assistance with the product or any enquiries they may have.

ADU Software do not charge existing subscribers for program upgrades.

Why choose ADU?  What can ADU Software do for you?

Data quality is our key importance to ensure that our users are provided with the utmost reliable information collated from personal sightings and authentic sources.

We offer packages to suit all requirements that represent the very best value for money and will prove to be an asset to businesses and aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

Our quality control standards are high and our personnel, who are all dedicated aviation enthusiasts, are among the best. It is our aim to provide our customers with the highest caliber and most versatile Aviation Database Software on the market today.

  1. Reverse Logging Feature – Logs can be entered in any order, past or present, however your first official sighting will automatically be detected, recorded and highlighted.
  2. Aircraft Required Database Utility – Self user database utility which gives our users control of importing specific data required to build up their own unique reports. Reports can be generated on Frames only, Registrations only and Frames and Registrations. A useful tool to build specific country reports, airline reports and aircraft you require by frame or registration reports. Once a self user database has been compiled, the user has full control over deletions and additions to the database enabling users to edit their report at any time. All reports have a tick box for ease of use when participating in aviation tours.
  3. Log Utility – Valuable tool which can generate numerous different reports giving our users the facility to print reports based around specific date periods, specific aircraft types, airlines and airfields. Data can be sorted using many different combinations. Users can filter aircraft seen before or aircraft which are first sightings or list total aircraft seen by frames and registrations.
  4. Print Program – More report formats including Biz Jet Report Only and Turbo Props Only. Ability to print off continent reports.
  5. Log Program Calendar facility within the log program where a specific date can be selected at the touch of a button. In addition to this, the log program offers the user 16 default airports but still retains the drop selection menu containing the IATA codes. Various methods in which the user can log including batch load and copy/paste.
  6. A personal notes column within the log program to enable the user to add their own notes to each individual sighting compiled within the log.Whilst compiling a log, when searching for a registration, the aircrafts delivery date is displayed along with constructor, type, line number, construction number, operator and delivery date.
  7. Log Print Details Reports incorporated giving the user more optional details of specific frames and registrations calculated. E.g Frame & Registration Year Report, Frame Count by Year Report, Last Month Report,  Last 7 Days Report, E-mail Report, Print Report in ascending order and Print Report in original order depending on how the log has been compiled.
  8. Faster search and retrieval of information.Within the database, when searching for a specific aircraft, if seen details are available, these will automatically be displayed. By pressing the enter key on the keyboard, this will now display the log history and by pressing the enter key again, the user will be returned to the information previously selected.
  9. Active Aircraft = A Seen Details Statistics – This is a tool which will give you information on aircraft that you have seen over the years and what has happened to them and where they are now.
  10. Facility to add personal notes on each individual aircraft reference.
  11. Aircraft You Require – The product range will filter aircraft frames required and also registrations required. This can be generated on airline names, manufacturers, types and countries.
  12. Photographs – For users who wish to add photographs to each individual aircraft, the Advanced product range allows numerous photographs to be linked to 1 aircraft frame. Photographs can be displayed automatically if required by selecting the relevant button.
  13. Print Program – Several reports are included to give more flexibility to the multiple print options available.
  14. Location Report – This will display all the information about the aircraft and also bring into play your personal sightings and if you need the aircraft it will be flagged up as Frame. This section also shows the Status field. There are several printing options from the print function at the top tool bar
  15. Backup and Restore Facility – A very easy and user friendly backup and restore facility giving confidence that seen details, log history, airports and flying log book can be backed up and transferred from notebook to desk top should the need arise. Ability to backup all photograph information.
  16. Fully supports both registration and frame logging.
  17. Data Discrepancy Checker – The discrepancy checker has been designed to look at your seen details and make sure that they correspond with what is held within the main databases as there may be occasions when information has been reported wrongly which has resulted in editorial changes.This facility will also highlight any data discrepancies you may have entered yourself manually or through the log program whereby you have entered an aircraft using a con number. Should you disagree with any discrepancy findings and feel that the aircraft entered is correct, please contact the relevant section editor for verification.
  18. Specialised Printing Reports – Facility which allows the user to compile their own reference books and reports.
  19. Additional, optional products ie SBS utility & ADU Mobile App

Payment Options
ADU Software offers the secure payment facility of paypal. Alternatively payment may be made via cheque / postal order made payable to ADU Software and posted to: ADU Software, 46 Roebuck Lane, Sale, Cheshire. M33 7SH

Online Store aims to provide you with the best customer experience possible and are ready to help you with any of your enquiries. Telephone 0044 161 718 5439

Is the On-line Store secure?
YES! The purchase area of our site is secure. At Online Store, you can shop with confidence. We use some of the latest encryption technology (SSL), digital certificates, secure commerce servers, and authentication to help ensure that your personal information is secure on-line at all times.

Shipping Information
Delivery information to UK and overseas addresses

ADU Software will endeavour to send all download instructions for new orders within 24 hours, subject to holidays. All new purchases are subject to download only. A CD package can be provided on request for an additional fee of £25. For delivery within the UK which will be posted via Royal Mail Special Delivery and therefore a signature on receipt is required. All overseas deliveries will be posted via Air Mail. In any event of non-receipt of software please allow upto 28 days for delivery from date of order before contacting ADU Software.


ADU Software Returns Policy. Return address: ADU Software Returns, 46 Roebuck Lane, Sale, Cheshire. M33 7SH.

ADU Software offer a returns policy for damaged CDs only. The damaged CD must be returned to ADU Software for issue of a replacement. Under no circumstances will a refund be given. This does not effect your statutory rights. Returned CDs must be posted to ADU Software using a secure method of posting as ADU Software will not accept any liability for CDs going missing in the post.

ADU Software offer a £10 discount off annual data subscriptions for any existing user who recommends another user to ADU Software main database. Purchases must be made directly from ADU Software and the existing customers name and license number must be provided at the time of the new purchase.

There is no limit to the number of people an existing user recommends thus enabling existing users to reduce their annual subscription rate by £10 for each new member they introduce.

Please note: This offer is not available for purchases made from any retail store.

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 1 reviews
by Shaun I on ADU Software
Software and data transfer

I purchased a new laptop and contacted Steve and Sue to request their assistance in transferring my ADU database, SBS Utility, Sync utility and SBS/Flightaware pro-stick from my worn out laptop to my new shiny piece of kit. Steve emailed me back within 10 minutes and said he could sort it all out for me the following day. I paid an extremely reasonable fee by PayPal and true to his word, Steve used his expertise to get everything up and running the very next day. Absolutely fantastic service and without doubt ADU are the best products available. Thanks for all your help Steve!

Contact Us at ADU Software.

We have provided a number of ways for our Customer Care team to help you:

For product information:

For service inquiries or assistance:

We will respond to you within 24 hours, during regular business hours. All email correspondence is completely confidential.

Please send any specific information about your request so we can direct it to the appropriate people:

[Please use the ‘Live Chat’ feature or leave a message and our support team will get back to you.]

ADU Customer Care Center

Tel:- 0044 161 718 5439

Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 20.00pm (GMT)

Friday 13.00pm to 17.00pm (GMT)

Saturdays   09:00am to 17:00pm (GMT)

Sunday 11:00am to 18:00pm (GMT)

If your call is not answered please leave a message detailing your name and contact phone number and we will respond at our earliest convenience or alternatively please send an email to

46 Roebuck Lane
M33 7SH


ADU Software is owned and managed by a dedicated team of aviation enthusiasts and is fully supported by a highly experienced editorial team who are contactable in order to provide immediate answers to any consumer questions or queries.

ADU Software – All general enquiries relating  to Sales, Technical Support and Program Development and all Updates, please email

Steven Bruce

Telephone. 0161 718 5439

Telephone Sales 0161 718 5439

Customer Services, Marketing and Advertising

Sue Bruce

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We collect information when you use our products and services. That information can include, for example, your contact details, how you’re using our services, your location.

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