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ADU Mobile app

 ADU Mobile app.

Fastest Growing Aviation Datebase Software Mobile App for Android & Apple Devices

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The Mobile App is for use on Android mobile phones & tablets as well as Iphones & Ipads.

You can search for aircraft whilst out and about to reveal the details and to find out if you need an aircraft or not.
You can log your aircraft whilst at an airport in the same way you would log your aircraft in your logbook.
You can use the online search facility as a reference tool to find out information on an aircraft.

You can then sync all the aircraft logged on your mobile device straight back into your main ADU database that is on your laptop or pc.

A comment from one of our existing users of the App states ‘It is like having a CAM (Civil Aircraft Markings Book) on your phone in your back pocket)

Look at the screenshots and watch the videos.

ADU Software Technologies UK & ADU Software Technologies India in strategic partnership have developed an iconic application that will allow users of our ADU Software database program to check their own personal sightings and log aircraft seen using the ADU Mobile App. This ground breaking application, suitable for use with Android and IPhone mobile phones and tablets and for use in Internet Cafe’s is user friendly and will transform the way our customers record their personal sightings giving them empowerment to use ADU Software in the comfort of their own home or out and about.



Each current user will be allocated their own personal container on the ADU Software server. This container will house your own personal aircraft sightings which will automatically syncronise between your ADU Software database application and your mobile application.


ADUApp1 (2)

The overall objectives of the ADU Mobile App is to record the sightings you wish to log into your ADU Software database via your mobile phone or tablet so that it automatically syncronises with your ADU Software database program to display your logged sightings, still giving you overall control to remove mistakes, amend or add before processing your log to reveal the same results that are currently on your database of what aircraft you needed for that trip. Mistakes made during the logging on your Mobile App can be amended or removed.


ADUApp1 (1)The mobile App will contain an online search where you can search on 2 criteria, full Registration/Code or part Registration/Code. Search by Construction Number, Line Number, Airline/Operator, Mode S Hex Code. The results will then be displayed with the additional feature of advising if the aircraft is required or not required. If the aircraft is required you can then automatically log it.



The ADU Mobile App does not need to be connected to any data wireless connection when compiling a log. Online search facilities must have wireless or data roaming. Syncronisation between your mobile application and your ADU Software database must have wireless or data connection. Once syncronised and the log is contained within your ADU Software database then the log will be automatically removed from your mobile device.



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Existing Customer Comment

I jumped ship 14 Months ago (To the free one) now having seen ADU Mobile App and ADU360E Aircraft Database Software this is truly Next Generation. Well done to all involved.


Three and a half years ago I made this post and now my wish has been granted.

There are quite a few options in the aviation database market these days, and I have used most. I will always stick with those who exhibit innovation and progress.

I will be staying with ADU.

Mark Lindley

Bought it on Saturday (11/07/2015) from Manchester Airport Aviation and Transport Festival. A good presentation of the database and the mobile app, looking forward to using the ADU Software.
Alex North

If you’re planning to use a aircraft database, you should seriously consider using ADU in fact, the ADU Mobile App and ADU360E are awesome.
Nick Frost

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