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Release Date 10/12/2018

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ADU Software Technologies UK & Have I Seen It have joined forces to bring you a new unique application giving you Airport Arrivals which gives you notification of if you need the aircraft as a frame, registration or if you have seen the aircraft and also an Aircraft Radar plotting the aircraft within the location you select again detailing if the aircraft is required or not required.

Whilst we appreciate there are several flight radar applications available, none of them are able to incorporate your own personal seen details advising you when an aircraft has been seen or if it is required.

This application will only work if you have the ADU database and the ADU App sync utility (the mobile app is not required for those who do not have smart phones or a mobile device capable of handling our mobile app)

An internet connection is required for all this operation.

Airport Arrivals

If you start typing an airport name or 3 or 4 letter code, you will be presented with a list from over 7000 airports in the system.

Airport Arrivals

Displays table of aircraft that have landed today or are currently in the air with destination of this airport. If the aircraft is still in the air it calculates the aircraft’s arrival time based on distance to destination and current speed. The arrivals are refreshed every 3 minutes. The seen column is green if you have seen the frame and reg, blue if you have seen the frame but not the reg and red if you haven’t seen the frame or reg. In this example you can see two aircraft where frame has been seen but reg is needed.

Airport Arrivals2

The green plus in the seen column expands the last 3 hidden columns of altitude, speed and vsi.

Airport Arrivals3

You can order by any of the columns in this example the rows are ordered by time last seen.

Airport Arrivals4

You can also filter out your frames or registrations required,

Aircraft Radar

Aircraft radar display

Aircraft radar displays any aircraft being tracked based on the location you have selected from the radar location menu item. Aircraft are displayed within a 100 mile radius of the location selected. The radar allows you to filter by aircraft grouping (commercial, biz-jet, biz-prop, private, military) by clicking the relevant checkbox. Aircraft grouping is based on the aircraft’s 4 letter ICAO designation e.g. B744 for Boeing 747-400. For any new designations they default to unknown until they are grouped.

Icons are coloured as follows: orange icon and label for not seen frame and reg, orange icon yellow label for seen frame and not seen reg, and white icon and label for seen both.

Aircraft radar display Full

Each icon has an info Window which contains registration, type, operator, callsign and altitude.

The screen is refreshed every 5 seconds.

Aircraft radar display Aircraft radar display

You can change the aircraft radar’s centre point by using the radar location menu item.

Radar Location

Allows you to change where the Aircraft Radar is centred based on an airport’s latitude and longitude. Start typing the airport’s name or 3 or 4 letter code and you are presented with list.

In this example Manchester airport is selected.

Click the Update Radar Location button and OK on the prompt saying location changed and you are taken to the new location on the Aircraft Radar.

Radar Location

Release Date 10/12/2018

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