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ADUAPPADU Software Technologies UK & ADU Software Technologies India in strategic partnership have been developing an iconic application that will allow users of our ADU Software database program to check their own personal sightings and log aircraft seen using the ADU Mobile App

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  1. Mobile app

    Steve, Sue I must say a year on and this ADU app is still one of my …best friends, I can sit here in a bar Palma Can Pastilla spotting aircraft and using the app to do my log and see if I need!! Amazing and I can log it to my main data base without having to do it when I get back to my PC / or Home. Thank you for this innovation we can enjoy the hobby in real time better and no time consuming inputting again. Wow.

    Martin Bradshaw

  2. Hi All at ADU,

    Thought you may be interested. I’m in Tokyo for a week, spotting Haneda and Narita. I have used the app exclusively during the time I have been here and it has worked marvellously. I have not used pen and paper once and I have been logging hundreds daily. I sync at night and the great thing is, it tells me my mistakes and gives me the opportunity to correct them prior to another days spotting and it is all logged for reference.

    Bloody marvellous. Just thought it would interest you to know how well the app works under pressure.




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